March 18, 2009

{ Kitty? Anyone? }

I love animals.

That being said I can be found quite often chasing some lost dog down Ammon Rd. trying to help him/her find their way back home via me.

The dog tag licensing office in Bonneville County knows my cell phone number by heart I call them so much.

I seriously can't tell you how many times I have been late to work because I was on my way and had to stop to try to get some stubborn dog into my car so that he/she wouldn't have to die on the road that day.

Geoff is at the point where everytime I pull back into the driveway and tell him I found a "lost" dog/cat/bunny/cow/parakeet I'm pretty sure he mentally is hitting me in the head with a frying pan. Mostly because after I give him the above named animal I head back to work and he is left to deal.

All of that being said you can imagine the situation I was placed in when my little sis and her friend Kinze showed up at my house the other day with Carma. Carma is a tiny kitten that Kinze's dog found. She was so young that her eyes were not even open yet so Kinze bottle-feed her for however long. Well long story short: Kinze's dad said that the kitten is big enough now that it's got to go....and my sister knowing my vulnerability decided to con me into taking it. Who am I kidding it didn't take very much conning. Anyway here is the problem, Geoff is at work for two days and I haven't mentioned that we have an additional family member here yet. So I'm thinking I'll wait till he gets home and see's the kitten walking around and just tell him I have no idea where it came from? Sounds like an amazing idea right? That's what I thought.

On the off chance that this idea doesn't pan out the way I forsee it, does anyone want a really cute, housebroke gray tabby cat named Carma?

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