March 29, 2009

{ I ♥ OCD Tendencies }

So most people that know me would find it hard to believe that I am indeed a little OCD. Questionable right? Wrong. My OCD manifests itself in some very odd ways.

Such as the fact that whenever I am at the doctor's office I HAVE to straighten and fan out the magazines according to genre. I have a great system that I use.....Woman's magazines followed by the In Touch & US magazines followed by the health related mags and so forth. Who does that? Me.

Or how at night when I go to bed I have to take two bottles of water with me for the nightstand. Why two you ask? Well see one bottle inevitably will develop this disgusting after taste somewhere between 1 am and 4 am and I can no longer drink it, hence bottle number 2 comes in handy. If I didn't have that second bottle readily available I would then end up having this much too long debate on whether it was going to be worth it to go all the way downstairs just for water or if I could just deal with the bad after taste and would end up never being able to fall back to sleep. No comment please.

But by far I am the most OCD when it comes to my closet. You see I love my closet, it has it's own window and heating vent and it perfectly fits all my shoes. I love it so much that I can barely stand having any of Geoff's clothes in their. In fact the only clothes I let him keep in their are church clothes. Don't worry he has a decent closet in the extra bedroom. But anyway back to my closet. I have organized all my clothes by color and lengh of sleeves and this system has worked pretty well for me for several years. I can find what I'm looking for and don't have to waste time. Now this is where is gets ugly......

Today I came home and not only had Geoff put my laundry away in my closet ALL wrong but Carma the cat got in the closet and in an attempt to get to the top shelf tried to climb up my clothes with her little kitty claws and pulled so many of them off the hangers to the floor. It was a disaster.

And that my friends is why I love OCD tendencies....because clothes on the floor and in the wrong spots can cause me to have a little meltdown that lasts at leat 20 minutes!


  1. This is so funny. I love that you had a mini meltdown over the clothes.

  2. Your seriously having mini-meltdowns over your closet now? I am shocked beyond belief, cuz the last time I saw your closet it was a total MESS, although that was well over 4 years ago....(wink)


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