January 31, 2008

{ TAG.....Dump It! }

So I commented on Holly's blog how this was a neat idea and...poof! she tagged me to join. Basically you just dump your purse and take a picture of the contents....then scrap it for fun! So........here it is in all it's glory!


~ Wallet
~ Cell Phone
~ Notebook for scrapbooking ideas/grocery lists
~ Pens
~ Victoria Secret Pink body spray (Sweet & Tart)
~ Bath & Body Works Cranberry Frost lotion
~ Redkin hairspray
~ Several kinds of lip glosses
~ Gum
~ Tampon
~ Bobby Pins
~ Nail File
~ A bracelet I took off earlier
~ Lanyard for Maurices
~ Keys for Maurices
~ Deep conditioner packets my sis gave me the other day
~ Goldfish crackers (I know I don't have kids, those are for ME)
~ Hair clip claw thing

I do believe that's all folks!

As far as who I am going to TAG to do this, I think everyone who reads my blog should.....but especially Ashley since your blog is new and needs some fun!

{ Will I Make It?}

So far I have 25 layouts done for my 31 in 31. Hate to say it but I'm not sure I'm going to make it to 31 before midnight tonight. I'm trying though.................I wouldn't hold your breath !

January 24, 2008


So have any of you ordered the Scentsy products? I have a friend who is having a Scentsy party this weekend and I am pretty excited for it. I got a chance to look though their catalog yesterday and some of the scents sound amazing! Let me know what your favorites are if you have tried it before....

January 19, 2008

{How Cute Is This?}

How stinkin cute is this....I was browsing Becky Higgins' blog and found this fantastic little Valentine Decor item that she made. I'm pretty sure that I need to make one of these little dittys for our hallway upstairs now!

Just thought I'd share!

January 13, 2008

January 12, 2008

{2 Down, 29 To Go.....}

Actually I have more then 2 layouts done but the rest are not digi and I am being lazy about taking pics of them..... I am kinda starting to like this digital thing, I can throw a page together in like 10 minutes w/ no clean up!

January 10, 2008

It's About Time.....

Here is the first of my 31 in 31 layouts. The page is of my good friend Ashley's brand new baby girl who is so adorable! FYI...this is one of my first digital pages!

January 9, 2008

{Rockin' My Socks.....}

Here is my little list of what is currently making me smile.........

1. My car is paid off next month and I think I might want to get a new one some time this summer. Currently I am loving the Ford Edge. Really loving the orange Ford Edge.

2. Ingrid Michaelson......I am in love with this girl's music. I really like her song called "Let Go". She is playing on my ipod all the time.

3. This little baby. She is my good friend, Ashley's and she is adorable. I seriously want to eat her up! This are some pictures I took when she was only a few days old

4. Geoff and I need a new bedroom set so I've been browsing around, you know trying to make a somewhat informed choice (: This is my favorite so far. It's from Pottery Barn

5. This adorable little gifts made by Jennifer McGuire on Two Peas
She made them with Treasure Hershey bars and Cosmo Cricket's new line. How cute. I have decided to make these for everyone I know (well maybe not EVERYONE)

I know, I know I need to start posting my 31 in 31! I promise it's on it's way!

January 4, 2008

31 Layouts in 31 Days

This is going to be fun, not to mention a great way to catch up on some scrapbooking! This awesome gal, Robyn came up with this idea. So many layouts are on their way! I have only done three so far but I'll catch up this weekend and post by Monday! Leave me a comment if you want to participate as well!

Ringing in the New Year!!

Happy New Year To Everyone!!!

What a fantastic year 2007 was.......

* Our 5th Anniversary together <3
* Painting and decorating our house and making it into a *HOME*
* Getting my awesome job at Maurices...work is so much better when it doesn't feel like work!
* Making advancements in the scrapbook industry
* Making all sorts of new friends
* And *SO* Much More!!

Here's to making 2008 just as great!

January 2, 2008

If You Haven't Already......

You have to watch the movie Hairspray! I was a little unsure as to whether I would enjoy it since I'm not that into musicals, but is was awesome! Love, Love, Loved all the fun scenes and the entire message the movie was trying to convey. A must buy for our house!

{ A Little Something For Your Ears....}

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