February 27, 2008

{ Oh La La }

I was browsing around online today looking for the newest scrapbooking stuff that emerged from CHA this winter and take a lookie at what I found......

1. These new Prima Flowers look fantastic and so cute!

2. Oh and I'm so excited to see some new Chatterbox products! Look how awesome they look! I can't wait to see them in person.

3. 2. Sassafras has some really cute new lines.....some of my favorites are Life Is Beautiful - Indian Summer and Serendipity- Sunshine Lollipop and of course you know I love the whole owl craze so for that there is Serendipity - Owl Pals
4. This little gadget from Making Memories looks awesome. How cool would it be to have this to take with you to crops? I mean right now I take my Cricut w/ me but this would be so much easier!

5. I am loving the colors in Cosmo Cricket's new Fleuriste line, so fun!

Well that's all for now.........

February 26, 2008

{ Tell All Tuesday......}

TAG....I'm it. Ginny tagged me to make a list of the things I love *and* the things I hate

I LOVE... (besides Geoff, my family and friends)

the smell of clothes just out of the dryer
cute shoes
shopping and getting an amazing deal
bright colors
Star Bucks Caramel Apple Cider
my job
disney movies
the smell of newborn babies
going to the zoo
good friends
giving good gifts
having a clean house
the smell of Paul Mitchell hairspray
patterned paper
taking pictures/looking back at pictures taken
Christmas time
the way it smells after it rains really hard
sleeping in
reading "gossip" magazines such as US or In Touch even though it's never true
frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity
my iPod
getting "fun" mail, such as cards, magazines, stuff I have ordered, or freebies!
Jelly Bellies
Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum
all my pets
lazy days off

I HATE......

driving in the snow
pumping my own gas
saying goodbye when you know it'll be a while before you see each other agian
grocery shopping...ugg
putting the groceries away...ugg
laundry (well really just folding and putting it away)
watching sports on TV ( better in person)
getting up early
outright rude people
losing stuff and not remembering where I put it
coconut anything
stuff that has nuts IN it
melted cheese
dirty bathrooms

I tag anyone who reads my blog to do this as well.....it could kind of make a fun scrapbooking page....

February 25, 2008

{ Bad Blogger }

I know, I know......I have been a horrible blogger lately but I promise I be better this week. Lots of stuff has been going on and I will have to post about it later.

But can I tell you how totally excited I am for this to come out..... I am counting down the days until May (;

February 10, 2008

{ Kicking Off Valentines Week }

So I had a pretty good weekend, on Sat. my friend Ashley and I decided we were going to make Vanilla Cinnamon rolls (a yummy recipe that I found on Sherelle's blog). Ashley wanted to try out this recipe so we decided to make both. Once I got to her house though we decided to make make an entire dinner for the guys which in addition to the meatballs included this and this. Then just for fun I wanted to make a batch of these. So we quickly wrote down EVERTHING we we needed from the store and off we went............However we didn't quite make it to the grocery store. Let me back up and try to explain what happened. You see Ashley drives a little tiny Jetta (not such a hot car in the snow) so we were driving along trying to take the back roads to the store and of course we were talking like crazy, when we came to a huge snow drift ( actually we almost drove into the snow drift) Well somehow between the two of us we decided to drive around the drift where it looked as though other cars had been driving. Yea that didn't work so well at all, we made it maybe 20 ft of so before we bottomed out pretty bad. As in we got super stuck. Luckily some really nice teenage boy named Chandler (like on Friends) came along and tried to help us out. No such luck. More men gathered around the car and finally all these men were able to push/pull of out of the drift. Needless to say I am really glad to live in a town where people actually pull over when they see people in trouble! So that was my exciting Sat.

PS* All our food turned out fantastic!

Anyhow I did a little Valentine layout to celebrate this week.......

February 5, 2008

{ Fun Stuff....}

Here's what I'm am loving on this particular Tuesday.....

1. My new cute phone....A little Blackberry Pearl which is the most awesome thing ever!

2. Today I actually got my Scentsy order that I placed at a party a week or so ago Let me tell you how AMAZING my house smells right now! Worth every penny that I spent on it. Seriously folks these little scent bars are fantastic. If you don't already own some, buy some. I am actually having my own little Scentsy party later this month so I can stock up on some more flavors.

3. American Crafts new Valentine ribbon. I mean the picture says it all. Oh don't you just love ribbon? Speaking of ribbon, this weekend I met the owner of the Ribbon Retreat in Shelley, Idaho and she is a cool gal. If you have not already been to her store you need to check it out. She always has some fantastic deals! ( Plus she told me she is going to be getting in some fun new American Crafts lines!)

4. This fun patchwork purse from Charlotte Russe, how stinkin cute is this....

5. And speaking of purses, have any of you ever visited the Lime Llama website. This girl will custom make any style of bag you like just pick the fabric.

6. I am so in love with these cute little owl thingies. I found them through Scrap in Style TV and now I just really want to make my own.

7. The newest edition of Scrapbooks Etc. Now I usual like CK better then Scrapbooks Etc. but lately they have had some great new articles and layouts. I am especially liking some super fun layouts in this months mag.

Well that's all for now talk at you later!

{ A Little Something For Your Ears....}

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