June 30, 2010

{ 4th of July Cuteness }

The 4th of July is THIS weekend! I just love the 4th of July, its hands down my favorite holiday. I came across some super cute red, white and blue ideas that I'd like to share....

{1} This adorable ruffle flag shirt from Make it and Love It.....you can find it here. I am seriously considering making one for myself...I mean your never too old to wear a ruffle flag shirt right?

{2} This delicious looking chocolate dipped pretzels....wouldn't they look so cute on your 4th of July bbq table in a cute little mason jar or such? This would be a great recipe to make with your kids also!

{ 3} These amazing looking red. white and blue tarts from Martha Stewart. I'm drooling just looking at the picture of these! Find the recipe here.
{4} Another Martha Stewart recipe...Vanilla Raspberry Sundaes w/ Spoon Shaped Cookies!
Find the recipe here.

{5} Super cute red. white and blue decor! Look at those cute stars in the salad!

{6} And my favorite the perfect 4th of July cake! This one is from Make it and Love it as well as part of their new Make-A-Cake series. Super cute cake right?

And then SURPRISE! It's even cuter once you slice it!

I am for sure making this cake for this weekend! You can find out how she did it here.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!

June 28, 2010

{ We Have....}

Lately with the gorgeous weather we have been having Geoff and I have been hanging outside in the evening and doing a lot of THIS....

and THIS....

and of course after you done that for a hour you must do THIS....

June 12, 2010

{ Delicious...}

Any ideas as to what this fab little stack of fabrics has been turned into? Pictures to come....

June 8, 2010

{ Love at first sight...sigh }

Omigosh how I love these necklaces! I have been seeing them all over the blog world and these two have got to be my absolute favorites! Who is not loving the color combo with the yellow, teal and gray....♥♥♥. I have attempted this look with headbands and they came out pretty stinkin' cute so I am going to have to give these a try! Wish me luck! I'll post pictures if they turn out!

June 4, 2010

{ 20 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me }

1} I hate using paper plates.
2} I am addicted to celeb gossip magazines like In Touch and US Weekly
3} I hate my feet...and anyone elses for that matter.
4} My favorite author is Jodi Picoult...I ♥ that I can never guess how her stories will end.
5} I am attempting to become more organized.
6} I spent 7+ years working in a hardware store.
7} I am a fantastic bread maker...surprisingly.
8} I use more hairspray then anyone I know.
9} I can't eat chicken in restaurants for fear it's undercooked.
10} I have only lived in 2 states my entire life...and I am okay with that.
11} I HAVE to purchase new earrings anytime I buy a new shirt/outfit. Therefore I have more earrings then I can count.
12} I believe I will be an excellent mother...when the day comes.
13} I have no understanding of the inner workings of a vacuum cleaner. I never have been able to change a bag or a belt. Ever. People have made fun of me for it. I don't care.
14} I could spend hours searching through the Target clearance sections. And many times I have!
15} I hate cars that are any color EXCEPT white, black, red and yellow. Although the champagne color is growing on me.
16} I ♥ animals. I stop along the side of the road weekly to pick up lost/stray dogs and find their owners. Seriously weekly.
17} I despise roller coaster rides.
18} I dream about building a dream house one day. I am constantly collecting ideas for it.
19} I ♥ dessert for breakfast...and breakfast for dinner.
20} I am addicted to chap stick. NOT lip gloss. Chap stick. I have hundreds of tubes/pots all over my house, purse and car.

{ Boys Will Be Girls }

{ A Little Something For Your Ears....}

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