August 9, 2010

{ The One With All The Random Stuff }

So much stuff going on recently....

{1} We have had this rubbermaid 5 shelf thing in our garage since...well since we built our house! It used to hold all the extra pantry like food items that our small pantry could not hold. It was seriously weighed down! Over a year ago we got all these FREE shelfs from my old job and we intended all along to put them up in our garage so that we could actually have a decent area for food storage. Shoot forward to the present...we finally went and bought the brackets/hardware and hung them all up! We organized all our food storage out there and now it's SOOO nice! Kinda like my own little grocery store! ♥ it!

{2} I really want to re-paint my livingroom and add some board and batten to the walls..BUT..before I can go starting another massive project I have to finish up my scrapbook room. So I am proud to say that I have finished painting it all ( a really pretty grey color) and I have finished putting up the beadboard wallpaper (which rocks!) and now all I need to do is have Geoff help we install the chair rail around the room! I'll post pictures once everything is back in it's place!

{3} We are growing a garden again this year with cucumbers, yellow and green zucchini, onions, snow peas, watermelon, tomatos and strawberries. Well our zucchini plants were taking over! They were growing SO big so finally we decided to trim some of the leaves of just a bit. Tonight Geoff went out there to water and came in and told me that it might be time to pick a few of the zucchini. I followed him out and sure enough a half dozen of the zucchini were the size of my forearm! No joke! So I guess trimming the plant did it some good. Anyone have a any good recipes involving zucchini other than bread?

{4} A couple weeks back my sister and me went to Ross Water park in Pocatello with my friend Ashley and her daughter Addy. Us girls had so much fun just watching Addy run around in the zero depth pool that they have and floating the lazy river. At one point Addy found herself a little beau to boss around and we three adults found ourselves super entertained by the little "couple" It was SO cute, Addy simply just told him what to do and he jumped to it!

{5} Made this new recipe for Greek Pasta Salad and it was DELISH! Find the recipe here.

{6} Lately I have been obsessed in looking at home decor blogs and what not and I found THIS A*M*A*Z*I*N*G blog! I just love her style and her tutorials rock! Everyone needs to check out the
House of Smith's blog for sure!

Other then that I hope everyone is having a GREAT summer!

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  1. That pasta look so good! My mouth is watering.....


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