June 4, 2010

{ 20 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me }

1} I hate using paper plates.
2} I am addicted to celeb gossip magazines like In Touch and US Weekly
3} I hate my feet...and anyone elses for that matter.
4} My favorite author is Jodi Picoult...I ♥ that I can never guess how her stories will end.
5} I am attempting to become more organized.
6} I spent 7+ years working in a hardware store.
7} I am a fantastic bread maker...surprisingly.
8} I use more hairspray then anyone I know.
9} I can't eat chicken in restaurants for fear it's undercooked.
10} I have only lived in 2 states my entire life...and I am okay with that.
11} I HAVE to purchase new earrings anytime I buy a new shirt/outfit. Therefore I have more earrings then I can count.
12} I believe I will be an excellent mother...when the day comes.
13} I have no understanding of the inner workings of a vacuum cleaner. I never have been able to change a bag or a belt. Ever. People have made fun of me for it. I don't care.
14} I could spend hours searching through the Target clearance sections. And many times I have!
15} I hate cars that are any color EXCEPT white, black, red and yellow. Although the champagne color is growing on me.
16} I ♥ animals. I stop along the side of the road weekly to pick up lost/stray dogs and find their owners. Seriously weekly.
17} I despise roller coaster rides.
18} I dream about building a dream house one day. I am constantly collecting ideas for it.
19} I ♥ dessert for breakfast...and breakfast for dinner.
20} I am addicted to chap stick. NOT lip gloss. Chap stick. I have hundreds of tubes/pots all over my house, purse and car.

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