February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Darbi Leigh!!!

My little sister turns 22 today. So in order to celebrate I thought I'd relive along with you folks some memories I have of Darbi when we were little. And when I reflected on them, I realized they are mostly just die laughing funny because because my sister was a little tard growing up. So here are my top ten Darbi Leigh stories......

So Happy Birthday Darbi Leigh!

(1) Darbi Leigh sticks a heart shaped button up her nose and when my parents finally see it hanging down slightly they go in for the grab...when wouldn't you know it Darbi Leigh sucks it right back up. This process goes on for several days before mom and dad proceed to take her to the doctor.

(2) Darbi Leigh and I take baths together when we are super young....this all comes to a screeching halt when Darbi Leigh starts pooing the tub and playing motor boats with it.

(3) Darbi Leigh falls in love with a stuffed monkey that my dad brings home from a business trip. She then proceeds to pretend like the monkey is a real live baby. A baby that needs to be fed 4 times during the middle of the night and has it's own highchair at the kitchen table. This goes on for several months.

(4) Darbi Leigh cannot say "Drink of juice" so instead it comes out "Dink of duce". Whenever she asks my older sister for a "Dink of duce" she makes her ask several times because it's so stinkin funny. After ten or so times of making her repeat it our mom would yell "Just please get her juice!"

(5) Darbi Leigh has a taste for pennies. She constantly steals them from me and my sister's stash and gobbles them down.

(6) Darbi Leigh cannot say "Kitty". My dad brings home a wild kitten one night that proceeds to hide behind the fridge for 3 days. During that three day period Darbi Leigh (who is two) constantly lays by the fridge and yells "HERE CATTY..CATTY!!". When the cat finally emerges from behind the fridge it will not come to anything but "Catty". My family had "Catty" the cat for 17 years.

(7) Darbi Leigh loved mayonnaise. She loves it so much that her idea of a sandwich is an inch of mayonnaise and two pieces of American cheese. Oh and it was all placed on white Wonder bread. Yum.

(8) Darbi Leigh like to invade other peoples privacy. In one incident she hid under my bed during a four hour phone conversation when I was in high school. She learned a lot of personal stuff that day. And she got a little cramped.

(9) Darbi Leigh rides her bike around the neighborhhod with a Sqeeze It drink attached to her handle bars. She pretends like she is drinking beer. She is only six at this time. My parents are fairly disturbed by it.

(10) Darbi Leigh really liked apples in first grade. So much in fact that every item of clothing that she got that year for back to school had apples on it some where. No doubt that was a tough year for my parents what with having to find apple clothes.

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