June 21, 2007

And Here Are The Little Fur Babies Themselves...

So since I introduced you to our dogs I thought I'd let you in on what our cats are like....now I have to add that these cats are the death of Geoff (he really doesn't enjoy them much)

So our first cat was Runt, we got her as a stray at my parent's farm about 2 1/2 years ago. When we first got here she was really sick and weak and we had to nurse her back. Now she's great, except she is fat as heck, in fact her nickname is Butterball ( as in she is the size of a Butterball turkey...no joke) This next little guy's name is Puma. Puma is my giant tom cat. We got Puma about 2 years ago so Runt would have a companion when we were at work. He probably causes the most trouble therefore Geoff likes him the least. ( He's my favorite though)

And last but not least is Dash. I found Dash in a abandoned box outside Target about a year and a half ago. He is the wildest cat. He literally FLIES around my house! But I love him to death because he is so desparate for attention ALL THE TIME

Anyhow here is all three of my little "fur babies" all cuddled up together.

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