May 29, 2009

{ Seriously Lovin'.....}

I seriously a naughty blogger. It's been too long. However the weather gets nice and who wants to sit on the computer? Not I! Anyway here are some random things that I'm enjoying right now!

1. Dove Cream Oil Lotion- Geoff and I went to Heise Hot Springs with some friends on Tuesday and I of course got a little too much sun. This lotion is the only thing coming between me and my skin peeling! It's fantastic.

2. These new Crystal Light Skin Essentials. I have tried a few flavors but I keep coming back to the Pomegranate Lemonade flavor. It's pretty stinkin good. Plus they are sized just right for a water bottle.
3. I ordered some of these reusable totes online and they just arrived in the mail. After grocery shopping with them I'm in love. I think I'm gonna have to get some more already. Plus they are just so cute!

4. Otter Pops. When the weather starts to get super hot I practically live off of these. I have like two boxes of 100 on hand at any given time!

5. Mongolian Grill- Geoff and I are going there tonight with some friends and I am already craving it hard core. I love stacking my bowl high and getting to take home lots of yummy veggies and noodles for later.

That's it! I hope everyone else is enjoying the weather as much as I am!

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