April 13, 2009

{ I ♥ Sweet Tea }

McDonalds has sweet tea now. It's excellent. I'm addicted. Actually I thinks it's gone past addiction. I've been to Mickey D's JUST for sweet teas 7 times in the last three days. I believe that now what most would call excessive.

You see I'd never had sweet tea until about 5 years ago. That's the summer that Geoff and I went to North Carolina for his dad's wedding. In North Carolina they have a chain of fast food restraunts called BoJangles, it's basically the McDonalds of the south. And they sell the most amazing sweet tea by the gallon. We spent like seven days in North Carolina and had sweet tea with every meal....it was fantastic. And that my friends is how this whole excessive obsession begun.

1 comment:

  1. I have to say you make me laugh! you are so funny :) thanks for all the good recipes btw!


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