March 4, 2008

{ Crafty }

Today I woke up feeling super crafty for some reason. Ironic enough instead of getting to express that creativity I got to go down to the courthouse and sit for several hours while the decided whether or not they needed my services.......That's right folks, I'm on jury duty. And can I just let you know exactly HOW much fun being on jury duty is? Pretty much the highlight of my life right now...j/k. Plus as an added bonus after they decided they had no use for me today I was informed that if I'm not used for a case by the end of this week that I'll be back in April to try again! How awesome is that?

Anyway, enough with jury duty, I did get home early enough today to complete one layout and start several others! Here is the one I finished.....

Journaling reads*** Most of my pictures of Kira look like this. Every time I pull out the camera and start snapping away she takes it as an invitation to come and stick her big, black, wet dog nose right in my lens. As if she is saying "whatcha' doing?"

And these are some fun little frames I painted and decorated for my kitchen......they were so simple and came together in only about 1/2 hour.

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